Project Details

Organization: Personal Project  |  2017

Project Type: Module

The Challenge: What happens when you put two design nerds together in a coffee shop for several hours? Inevitably, someone challenges the other to create something absurd and very cool just to see if it's possible. That's how this module came to life.

After a series of friendly competitive challenges, we got into a discussion over whether or not any subject could be made into an eLearning module. We gave each other challenge parameters and my mission, should I choose to accept it, was to create a module about romance. Specifically, about learning from your mistakes to rekindle a lost romance. Silly. Ridiculous. And delightful fun. The rules were simple: there had to be some customized graphics (not all stock), there had to be sound, and it had to be fun and engaging. Oh, and I only had 24 hours to do it.

Please enjoy a perfectly ridiculous example of gamification called Relationship 2.0, a game about second chances and second dates. 


Title & Game Board


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