Project Details

Organization: Personal Project  |  Articulate Challenge 2018

Project Type: Module template

Brief Background: The Articulate community hosts weekly eLearning challenges. This challenge pushes the designer to create a comic book style course starter template that contains at least six slides.

Project Goal: I wanted to create a full template that I could use in this challenge but also use for a future project. Templates allow instructional designers to employ rapid development on short deadlines. This particular template can be used multiple future projects. 


Design & Development Solutions

Module: I used storytelling principles to create this develop this module. I sketched out a quick succession of a comic book story, from introduction of characters, inciting incident, call to action, and personal decisions. This module is short and some options are not open in the demo, but it allows a complete look at what could occur and how storytelling strengthens learning. 

Personal Discovery: There are several moments in the story that gives a learner the option to skip instruction. This is important because often learners do not come into education at the same level. Some are novices, some have a little experience, and others have a lot. This decision method allows the learner to customize their pathway. If they fail the story-based quiz at the end, they are required to go back and go through the instruction again, so it doesn't reward lying about one's personal experience. 


PAGE Examples


Personal Reflection

For a real project, I would probably use the same method I used in the Diversity module, allowing learners to choose their hero. I'd also use variables to let the learner name their hero their own name. This was fun and pushed me out of my comfort zone. 


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